Preventative Maintenance

We, at The Arbor Tree, know that trees can benefit from annual check-ups in multiple ways. Knowing how and when to provide maintenance is as easy as calling one of our professional arborists for a Free Consultation.


A tree health assessment by our arborists can diagnose potential problems and treat them before they become lethal. A proper analysis may find crossed branching or the formation of co-dominant leads in younger trees. These structural problems can be corrected if caught at a young age and dramatically prolong the life of a tree. Arborists may also find cavities, decay, or risk of structural failure. Discovering these before a tree breaks may save a roof or a home; it may even save a life.


Take a look at some more of our on-site pictures to see how we work as a company to gain a little more insight and peace-of-mind in knowing that we are the right people for the job.

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