Insurance Information

Tree work is a very risky profession and one that you should always leave to the insured professionals. Year after year, Forbes magazine has proclaimed that logging and tree care sits atop the list of America’s most deadly jobs. Tree care, removal and trimming are all services that you don’t want just anyone performing around your most valuable assets. The Arbor Tree carries General Liability insurance up to $2,000,000 per incident and we also require that everyone of our subcontractors carry Workman’s  Compensation policy on all of our job sites.

Not only have we made sure to cover our clients and employees through auto, General Liability, and Workers Compensation coverage, but we have also placed a large emphasis on safety training. Everyone is required to wear personal protective equipment (PPEs) while on a job site and we hold safety meetings twice a week for anyone who will be on our worksite.

Even though everyone at The Arbor Tree has extensive training and knowledge in this industry, there are still heavy risks involved in tree care services. It is crucial that you make sure that regardless of the company you choose for your tree care services, they are fully licensed and insured. Don’t leave your most valued and precious possessions in the hands of total strangers.

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